Aleen Simms strives to provide voices for those often silenced. I had the honor to be a guest on her podcast Less Than Or Equal on Sept. 7th, 2015, chatting about the state of education, my transition from a female-dominated field (education) to a male-dominated field (tech), and a smattering of other things, like Doctor Who. A good digital visit all around.

I'm an active member of Ms Tech, an organization dedicated to helping women tech leaders in the Chicagoland succeed and bring greatness to the tech field as businesswomen. 

I write for them once in awhile too. 

Women in Leadership

Emily Heiss Moss from Dev Bootcamp and I have been in cahoots to shake up the bootcamp / accelerator space. I got to join on Women in Leadership panel together in June and chatted about women in tech, how our schools fit into the grander scheme of adult education, and a variety of other things. I had a blast and can't wait to do more for women in tech and for our style of training. You can read more from the great posts below: 

Reinvent Higher Ed

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A joy of mine is working with nontraditional models to help the field broaden its offerings to the variety of learners. Competency-based learning, apprenticeships, bootcamps, and other forms intrigue me because they offer opportunities for learning to our diverse populations.

I want to work with groups, institutions, and associates to help foster these diverse options.

Leverage mobile behaviors to integrate learning into the everyday

Mobile devices are woefully under utilized as tools for learning. Increased points of access to the internet are key to improving one's life because of the natural learning that occurs when someone has the ability to learn bits and pieces on the fly. Imagine what we could do if we crafted learning paths and environments around those natural behaviors.

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