Less Than or Equal - Podcast

Aleen Simms strives to provide voices for those often silenced. I had the honor to be a guest on her podcast Less Than Or Equal on Sept. 7th, 2015, chatting about the state of education, my transition from a female-dominated field (education) to a male-dominated field (tech), and a smattering of other things, like Doctor Who. A good digital visit all around.

Less Than or Equal #57: Jessi Chartier

Women in Leadership - Panel

Emily Heiss Moss from Dev Bootcamp and I have been in cahoots to shake up the bootcamp / accelerator space. I got to join on Women in Leadership panel together in June 2015 and chatted about women in tech, how our schools fit into the grander scheme of adult education, and a variety of other things. I had a blast and can't wait to do more for women in tech and for our style of training. 

Dev Bootcamp blog post about it