Driving gender diversity in Computer Science. (Oct. 2017). Techniques. 34 – 39.


360iDev – Presenter

I love chatting up the state of computer science in high schools with software developers. So in 2017, I got a chance to do so at 360iDev in Denver. There was interest in helping foster the next generation of developers, so I provided some clear frameworks for developers to connect with their local high schools to help out. Changing the world: one developer at a time. Apparently people liked it; I got mentioned by Tim Mitra on Ray Wanderlich’s site.

SXSWEdu – Presenter

Look, Mom: got to present at SXSWEdu 2015! Joined by two high school teachers and an iOS developer, we came to talk about the world of running an iOS development shop out of your high school with the MobileMakersEdu program.

Gir1 C0de – Speaker

After MobileMakersEdu began at Barrington High School in 2014, a large group of young women joined together to create a coding club just for girls. They came journeyed down to downtown Chicago to learn more about the development scene and being a woman in tech. I had the honor of chatting with them about the world of development and what it meant to be a female executive. It inspired me to continue mentoring other young women, looking to harness their leadership skills.

SREB – Presenter

The conference hosted by SREB is an elite, invitation-only professional development conference that knocks your socks off. We got invited in 2017. We had a great time talking about bringing authentic learning directly into the classroom through entrepreneurship incubators and mobile app development opportunities.

Out of School – Podcast

A serious highlight of my 2016, Fraser and I examined the recent release of Swift Playgrounds and how it would revolutionize coding education. Let’s see if our predictions were right: you can listen to the podcast via the link below.

Out of School #210: Interview with Jessi Chartier

Morton College Faculty Professional Development Day – Keynote Speaker

I was honored to be the keynote speaker at Morton College’s Annual Faculty Professional Development day in 2016. Armed with data from Angela Duckworth and Carol Dweck, I got to share my learnings about how grit, Growth Mindset, and Agile development is vital to crafting an innovative classroom of any discipline. They were an inspiring group of dedicated faculty.

Less Than or Equal – Podcast

Aleen Simms strives to provide voices for those often silenced. I had the honor to be a guest on her podcast Less Than Or Equal on Sept. 7th, 2015, chatting about the state of education, my transition from a female-dominated field (education) to a male-dominated field (tech), and a smattering of other things, like Doctor Who. A good digital visit all around.

Less Than or Equal #57: Jessi Chartier

Women in Leadership – Panel

Emily Heiss Moss from Dev Bootcamp and I have been in cahoots to shake up the bootcamp / accelerator space. I got to join on Women in Leadership panel together in June 2015 and chatted about women in tech, how our schools fit into the grander scheme of adult education, and a variety of other things. I had a blast and can’t wait to do more for women in tech and for our style of training.

Dev Bootcamp blog post about it


App Camp for Girls, Chicago

Camp Coordinator – 2016 – 2017

Spearheaded bringing App Camp for Girls to Chicago in 2017. Given Chicago’s vast diversity in race, religion, and ethnicity, I wanted our city to have an opportunity for Chicago female-identifying residents to learn to about the field of mobile app development. You can read more about it HERE.

One Summer Chicago

Mobile App Development Trainer – 2017

The goal of One Summer Chicago is to provide CPS students with a paid apprenticeship or internship, so we focused on mobile app development. My amazing teaching team, including Bob Brown and Ben Bueltmann, spent the summer teaching a select group of Chicago Public School teachers on Apple’s Intro to App Development with Swift curriculum. The apps these students designed give me hope in our future.

INCubatorEdu@Barrington220, Barrington

Coach: Ideation – since 2017

Never one to totally leave the classroom, I teacher several days throughout the academic year in the INCubatoredu class at Barrington High School. I guide students through the ideation process, shepherding them to focused and business-strong ideas, ones that they will take from ideation to business within the school year. Disclaimer: Asthe Dir. of Programs at Uncharted Learning, I oversee the curriculum of the INCubatoredu program. Coaching keeps me close close to the classroom, helping me better oversee the curriculum.

iOSConf, London

Board Member – since 2015

As the only state-side board member, I represented the field of iOS in the US during decisions around the iOSConf conference. My involvement helped frame out themes, speakers, call for paper requirements, and standards for workshops.

Nerdery’s Overnight Web Challenge, Chicago

Subject Matter Expert: Business Development – 2017

Non-profits from around the city join for an overnight hackathon at the Nerdery, where developers and designers work to solve a business need or problem via developing a web application. I joined the open office hours as a Subject Matter Expert on non-profit business development. Given my experience with Mobile Makers Academy and its morphing into MobileMakersEdu, I helped organizations articulate their vision and mission into action items and optimize their business roadmaps.