Is iTunes turning into an LMS?

Not quite, but ZOMG – coming July 8th, you’ll be able to submit homework via the iTunes Mobile App. I have loads of questions that I’m hoping to answer when I get my hands on it. More evidence that the idea of learning and education is expanding into our cultural mindset. Remember, there will always be a place for the four year institutes, but I’m thrilled that learning is becoming more of an ordinary expectation of our people. 

In case you’re interested, my questions: 

  • Why mobile? This will naturally hinder submission of some files and be an extra step for others. 
  • Who controls where the submissions go?
  • Is there a feedback loop to the students? 
  • What file types are accepted?
  • What size?
  • How intuitive is the submission process?
  • How is this woven into the iTunes system to naturally flow (aka cognitive flow)?