FREE resource: Differentiated Framework

Went to the Vermont Fest 2016 this week, where the best tech and innovation minds in Vermont’s education system come to share ideas. A common theme I heard was differentiation. However, in many sessions, teachers were frustrated that they didn’t leave with enough tools to really help implement. So, I’m sharing my favorite go-to: a differentiation framework I built for myself that helps me check to see if my lesson really does differentiate for students. It’s based on the premise that I give students a survey at the beginning of the year that identifies a few of their foibles, interests, fears, strengths, and weaknesses as learners and a bit more about who they are as people. Armed with that info, this framework becomes my go-to to keep myself accountable. 

Enjoy! And if you have questions about how you can do more to implement differentiation in your classroom, reach out. I’m happy to help. 

Come here, Watson!

IBM is working with a Texas school district to pilot a one-stop-shop for student data, both qualitative and quantitative. IBM’s powerful Watson is spending the year gathering loads of data entered by systems and humans (like teachers) about the students with the hope of providing insight into students that is more comprehensive than traditional assessment scores. 

If this proves to work, this could free up brain space for teachers and staff to take that data and make use of it. 

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